Video Crafting Essentials Suite

Build the fundamentals and expand your capabilities with video!
Video Crafting Essentials Suite

Expand your video capabilities.

The Video Crafting Essentials Suite is coming in March 2024!

Does video editing intimidate you because you don't know where to start?

Is the technology overwhelming?
Is it too hard because you don't know how to do it well?

Will it take too much of your time, rendering it "not worth it"?
Will editing be too cumbersome & daunting?

You've spent too long dragging your feet, and "just hiring an editor" isn't going to fix it.

Enter the Authentic Video Club!

The Video Crafting Essentials Suite makes it easy to add video creation into your routine.

  • Get comfortable video editing.
  • Use AI to make better videos.
  • Become a 1-person video machine!
  • Create a system for your own consistent content.

This is not simply a video creation and editing course, but a suite of tools to help you on your journey. Included is:

  • Creator Self-Care For Everyone ($29 value)
    • Build a routine for video creation without dramatically changing your life.
  • The Re-Purposing Primer ($99 value)
    • Maximize the potential of your podcasts and other content.
    • Generate quality short-form content from your long-form.
  • Video Editing Accelerator ($199 value)
    • Never feel powerless with your footage again!
    • 4 modules to guide you through the video editing process
    • Color grading essentials
    • Audio mastering fundamentals
  • AI Generator Funhouse ($29 value)
    • Introductions to the fun AI tools that allow you to create from the deepest reaches of your imagination!
    • Leverage AI to lube up your creativity and spice up your videos

This is a self-guided program that can be mastered in as little as 2 weeks. Pay monthly or by the year at a steep discount.

But WAIT! There's more!

If there's anything I've learned from aspiring video creators, it's that staying accountable to yourself is the hardest part!

So as a SPECIAL BONUS, early members of the Authentic Video Crafter premium tier will also get lifetime access to

  • The Accountabiliteam: Weekly community calls to discuss what's going on for you, solve problems, share feedback together, and more.

This is the human part of the Authentic Video Club. We come together to share insights and perspective in order to make our content better!

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